January 25, 2019

Castro Statement on Roger Stone Indictment

WASHINGTON—Congressman Joaquin Castro (TX-20), Chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and a member of the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and Education and Labor Committees, today released the following statement following Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment and arrest of former Trump campaign official Roger Stone:

“Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment today of former Trump campaign official Roger Stone strengthens the case for collusion between the Trump’s campaign and the Russians, using Wikileaks as a conduit to release information stolen from the DNC and John Podesta by Russian intelligence officers. The indictment specifically details Stone’s role as an interlocutor between the Trump Campaign and Wikileaks, who were engaged in a coordinated effort to damage Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for President. The indictment states that a senior campaign official was directed by a person yet to be identified to stay informed about Stone and Wikileaks collaborations—all of which happened while the president publicly encouraged Russia to obtain damaging emails on Clinton. Stone’s repeated lies to the House Intelligence Committee and his efforts to silence another witness, were undertaken in a clear effort to impede our investigation and to prevent us from learning the truth.

“This indictment leaves open the central question: what did then-candidate Trump know about this conspiracy and when did he know about it? While today’s action by the Special Counsel is another step towards justice and accountability, the House Intelligence Committee should release all the additional transcripts to Mueller’s office  as soon as possible. We must also continue to protect Mueller’s investigation and continue our own work so that the American people get the truth they deserve.”

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