August 02, 2013


Washington, D.C.Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro released the following statement after the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the United States added 162,000 jobs to the economy in July and the unemployment rate decreased to 7.4%:
“It is encouraging to see that our economy continues on a 41-month growth streak by adding 162,000 jobs last month. Congress must work to ensure that we are focused on strengthening our economy and gaining back the trust of the American people. Careless actions like sequestration, which has subjected entire industries to uncertainty and folks to lost wages, stand in the path of economic recovery.
As we wrap up a lackluster legislative period in Washington without a plan to fund our government or a path forward on the debt ceiling, it is disappointing to see how out-of-touch the House Republican leadership is with the American people. During this month, when we head back home to hear from our constituents, I hope Republicans will realize that catering to an extreme agenda to repeal laws is a disservice to the American people and fails to uphold our duty to do what is best for the nation. I look forward to coming back to Congress from San Antonio with colleagues who are re-energized by their constituents to work together and move our nation forward on the path to prosperity.”