September 20, 2013


Washington, D.C. –Congressman Joaquin Castro [TX-20] released this statement following the passage of the Continuing Resolution: 
"Yesterday, in the name of making ‘ends meet,’ the House Republicans made a false choice in sabotaging our nation's safety net for the hungry in America. The most powerful nation in the world should not let its people, especially our veterans and children, go hungry.  
Today, we see this extreme agenda holding Americans hostage once again. While the Republican Party wrestles with its internal politics, the American people are left with a government two weeks away from shutting down and a nation rendered paralyzed from paying its debts. The narrative that government comes in two sizes—too big or non-existent—is a dangerous ruse and our nation is seeing the consequences today. This is the same crisis-driven ideology that embraced the irresponsible sequester  that resulted in over 6,000 critical Air Force personnel in San Antonio being furloughed. 
It is shameful that a year that began on solid bipartisan ground with lawmakers putting ideology aside, sending relief to the Americans affected by Hurricane Sandy, ensuring justice for the victims of violence, and agreeing to pay our debts is wrapping up in a partisan quagmire.  
I am disappointed in my colleagues for playing into the political jam that continues to betray the trust of the American people. Yet, I remain committed to voicing and acting on the practical policies that the American people so desperately want and deserve."