September 28, 2017

House Passes Castro and Wagner’s ASEAN Resolution

Washington, D.C. – Today, the House of Representatives passed a resolution introduced by Congressman Joaquin Castro (TX-20) and Congresswoman Ann Wagner (MO-02) that recognizes the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and highlights member nations’ contributions to stability, prosperity, and peace in Southeast Asia. The resolution also marks the 40th anniversary of U.S.-ASEAN relations and recognizes the positive outcomes of that engagement. Reps. Castro and Wagner are founding co-chairs of the Congressional Caucus on ASEAN, and both are members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. 
“As the United States and ASEAN mark 40 years of diplomatic relations, our nations have an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to shared goals and look for areas of even greater cooperation,” said Rep. Castro. “Congresswoman Ann Wagner, my fellow Congressional Caucus on ASEAN co-chair, and I introduced this resolution to recognize this landmark year and  the importance of the United States’ strategic relationship with ASEAN member states. From strengthening regional security and growing the U.S.-ASEAN economic partnership, to promoting human rights and safeguarding  Southeast Asian maritime passageways, there are numerous high-priority areas in which the United States and ASEAN’s collaboration will yield greater successes than if our nations operate independently. I’m very pleased the House of Representatives passed this measure, and I look forward to the Congressional Caucus on ASEAN’s continued work to enhance U.S.-ASEAN engagement.”
Among its provisions, the resolution reaffirms the elevation of the United States-ASEAN relationship to a strategic partnership and the enhancement of U.S.-ASEAN economic engagement; recognizes the value of ASEAN working with economic, political, and security partners both inside of and outside of Asia; supports efforts by ASEAN member states to address maritime and territorial disputes in a constructive manner to promote peace and stability in the region; and encourages President Trump to communicate to ASEAN leaders the importance of protecting human rights.
“I am thrilled that Congress has passed House Resolution 311,” said Rep. Wagner. “We intend for this Resolution to raise awareness within and outside of Congress about Southeast Asia’s critical role in the global order. Congressman Castro and I founded the Congressional Caucus on ASEAN to acknowledge that America must be the foremost trade and defense partner for ASEAN countries. This Resolution affirms the critical U.S. strategic partnership with ASEAN, and seeks to advance our economic engagement with the region. The U.S. is also committed to partnering with ASEAN to halt human smuggling and human trafficking, and improve assistance to refugees and migrants. I look forward to working with our ASEAN peers to make the next 40 years of U.S.-ASEAN engagement even more fruitful than the last 40 years.”
Full text of the resolution is available here: LINK