January 31, 2017

Castro Statement on Texas State of the State Address

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Joaquin Castro (TX-20) released the following statement regarding Governor Greg Abbott’s State of the State address: 

“Contrary to what the Governor proclaimed in his address today, our state government is on the wrong track. The Texas economy has slipped from third to 21st in the nation. Greg Abbott and Republican leaders have stayed silent while Donald Trump has bullied and threatened Texas companies. They haven’t taken a stand against the President’s proposed tax on imports, which would cripple Texas’ economy, or the border wall idea, which the majority of Texans have rejected. And they have allowed corruption to run rampant, reserving sweetheart contracts for friends, effectively discouraging other businesses from competing for work from the government. 

“Young, vulnerable Texans continue to suffer. Republican leaders have yet to take meaningful action on improving our neglected child protective services.  

“Finally, despite tougher economic times for our state, Republican leadership has insisted on pushing bathroom legislation rather than focusing on jobs, schools, or healthcare access. The state’s leadership does not share the priorities of Texas families or Texas businesses.”