June 09, 2016


Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Joaquin Castro (TX-20) released the following statement after the House Committee on Rules rejected his FY 2017 Legislative Branch Appropriations amendment seeking to allow the Library of Congress to move forward with its proposal to replace “illegal alien” in its subject headings system: 

“Republicans are using the Legislative Appropriations bill to force the Library of Congress to abandon proposed subject heading changes and continue its use of the disparaging term ‘illegal alien.’ Each year, the Library of Congress makes thousands of changes to its subject headings; in 2015 alone, it added 4,934 new subject headings. Never before has Congress weighed in on the Library of Congress’ subject headings in any way, let alone legislated on the issue. Now, Paul Ryan and House Republicans are poised to make history by for the first time ever interfering in the Library of Congress’ subject headings processes to preserve a prejudicial term that’s particularly offensive to Hispanics.

“I am very disappointed that by rejecting my amendments the Rules Committee has prevented the House of Representatives from engaging in debate on this issue. It’s inappropriate that Republicans are using a funding bill to legislate, and it’s discouraging that they are so adamantly supporting the use of harmful language.”

Video of Congressman Castro’s testimony before the Rules Committee is available here: LINK