February 01, 2013


San Antonio, TX — Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro released this statement as Hillary Rodham Clinton stepped down from her post as Secretary of State and John Kerry became the head of the Department:

“Our nation is fortunate to have folks like Mr. Kerry and Mrs. Clinton who devote their lives to service. I want to sincerely thank Secretary Clinton for her tireless service to our nation. Although my first House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing was Secretary Clinton’s last as the head of the State Department, her great contributions to our nation are self-evident. For over three decades Secretary Clinton has been a dedicated advocate of America’s promise of opportunity. In the past four years, Secretary Clinton’s policy acumen and diplomatic skills led the way for America on the world stage. As a voice for equality and democracy, Secretary Clinton has been a reflection of America’s most sacred values. Her legacy of leadership will resonate beyond the 112 countries she visited and into the history books.
“John Kerry has embodied service to our nation as a U.S. soldier, presidential candidate, Senator, and now Secretary of State. From his leadership on behalf of our veterans to his commitment to a cleaner planet, Mr. Kerry has demonstrated his dedication to the future of this country. His perspective as both soldier and public official will guide him well as he represents our nation as the top diplomat. I look forward to working closely with our new Secretary of State to continue to strengthen America’s diplomatic ties abroad.”