January 29, 2013


Washington, D.C.— Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro released this statement following President Obama’s call for comprehensive immigration reform:

“As a Texan who has witnessed the hardships our broken immigration system presents for immigrants and their families, my friends and neighbors, it is very important to me that we finally resolve this long-debated issue. We need to overhaul our current immigration system by working on a comprehensive solution that includes an earned path to citizenship and a continuation of our border enforcement. President Obama has made immigration reform a top priority for his administration, and I thank him for his leadership. I am also encouraged to see a group of bipartisan Senators making progress by finding common ground on this issue. As we move forward, it is essential that any legislation includes objective measures for border enforcement that seriously examine the state of our current immigration system and make processing of those already in the system efficient, so that American citizenship for those in the back of the line is not just an illusion. We cannot keep moving the goal posts on meaningful reform. I am hopeful and look forward to a bipartisan solution to this important American issue.”