February 12, 2014


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Joaquin Castro [TX-20] released the following statement after voting in favor of fixing the Military retirement COLA cuts that were negotiated as part of the Budget Deal, as well voting in favor of paying our nation’s bills and preventing default: 
“Congress governs in large part by authorizing expenditures and paying for those debts. By raising the debt ceiling and preventing an unprecedented national default, Congress is simply paying for the bills the nation has already incurred. Paying for the bills we owe is a responsibility of government that should not be up for partisan debate. Just like every American family has to pay its bills so does our nation. Along with paying our bills, we must pay our service members and not put them on the chopping block in the name of fiscal responsibility. As a representative of Military City USA, it is especially important to me that our nation’s budget is not be paid for by slashing the military benefits our brave soldiers have earned. Today’s votes give me hope that the partisan and crisis management politics of last year stay in the past.”