January 21, 2013


Washington, D.C.—Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro released the following statement commemorating the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.:

“Today we celebrate the memory of a private citizen who pushed the conscience of America to confront the realities of our democracy. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. reminded America of the injustices of discrimination and worked hard to help straighten the nation’s moral compass. As we pause to commemorate his legacy the same day the first African American President is sworn in for his second term in office, we are reminded of the great obstacles we have overcome.
On this day, too, we are reminded that the struggle for justice everywhere continues. As we continue to work toward economic security, we must invest in closing the education achievement gap, increasing access to healthcare, and extending the hand of equality of opportunity to all Americans. Dr. King’s legacy challenges us all to continue to learn from the growing pains of our democracy and calls us to continue to advocate for a more just United States of America.  I look forward to working hard as a public servant and as an American to continue to build out the Infrastructure of Opportunity so that all Americans, no matter race or station in life, are able to realize their full potential.”