March 01, 2019

Castro Releases Podcast Episode on Current World Order

WASHINGTON—Congressman Joaquin Castro (TX-20), Chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Vice Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and a member of the House Intelligence and Education and Labor Committee, today released a Diplomatic Cable episode with Ian Bremmer, President and founder of Eurasia Group and GZERO Media and host of GZERO World. The episode centers on the idea that our traditional world order is slipping away, and that no single power or group of powers sets the global agenda. 

“The challenges the United States faces around the world have intensified in recent years and the traditional world order is no longer applicable to today’s foreign policy. No single country or power sets the global agenda and more countries, like the U.S., are either increasingly isolationist or actively meddling in affairs abroad,” said host Rep. Castro. “On this episode, I sat down with celebrated political scientist Ian Bremmer to discuss a new world order which leaves America in the backseat, and discussed theories as to why authoritarian leaders like Assad in Syria survive while Maduro in Venezuela does not. We also discuss Russia’s military might, China’s economic ambitions, and newer challenges to U.S. national security in the cyber realm like Artificial Intelligence and climate change.”

Ian Bremmer said on the episode: “I still think we [the United States] are a superpower. I think today, China is certainly an economic and technological superpower though, not a military superpower yet. But a G-Zero world, as opposed to a G-7 or a G-20 world, is one where even though we may be a superpower, no-one is providing global leadership.”

The episode is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

Future episodes of the Diplomatic Cable will include discussions with former Council on Foreign Relation’s Max Boot, U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, former State Department Cyber Coordinator Chris Painter, and many other experts, practitioners, Members of Congress and American citizens. Episodes will focus on repercussions of U.S. foreign policy in the 116th Congress, the consequences of a rising China, the crisis in American diplomacy and development, cyber diplomacy, and many other issues.

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