January 16, 2020

Castro, Garcia Demand Texas Governor Greg Abbott Reverse Refugee Resettlement in Texas

WASHINGTON—Congressman Joaquin Castro (TX-20), Chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Vice Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, and member of the House Intelligence and Education and Labor Committees, and Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia (TX-29), member of the House Judiciary and Financial Services Committees, today sent a letter to Texas Governor Abbott demanding that he reverse his disgraceful decision to no longer consent to accepting refugees in fiscal year 2020. Forty-two states have already agreed to continue welcoming and supporting refugees as they enter the United States, leaving Texas – a longtime leader in welcoming and resettling refugees – out of this important and crucial program:

“This is a disgraceful decision by Governor Greg Abbott. He has completely submitted to bigotry and xenophobia. Texas has long opened its doors to refugees, resettling more people than any other state in the country. For decades, Democrats and Republicans alike have fully supported the program and welcomed all refugees. When more than seventy million people worldwide have been forced from their homes, Texas cannot turn its back now on individuals and families who have fallen victim to violence and displacement,” said Congressman Castro. “Along with my Texas representatives, we demand that Governor Abbott reverse this shameful decision. He is hurting our state. The contribution of refugees in our Texas economy cannot be denied – accounting for billions both in household income and taxes. But on top of making a poor economic decision, Governor Abbott has made a reprehensible moral decision that undermines who we are as a state and as a nation.”

“I am deeply disappointed in Governor Abbot’s refusal to include Texas in the refugee resettlement program,” said Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia. “It goes against our values as a state and against the values of many people of faith, which teaches us the importance of showing kindness to others and lending a helping hand to the poor and stranger. Texas not only welcomes refugees, we also benefit from their entrepreneurial spirit to keep our economy booming. In 2015, refugees in America paid over $422 million in state and local taxes and over $1 billion in federal taxes. We must make it clear to the world that anyone fleeing dire circumstances looking for a home in the United States are welcome in Texas,” continued Congresswoman Garcia.

To read the full letter, click here.

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