September 29, 2023

Castro, Crow, Jacobs, Phillips, Titus, Wild, Keating, and Connolly Urge President Biden to Halt Transfer of Military Financing to Egypt

WASHINGTON – Today, Reps. Joaquin Castro (TX-20), Jason Crow (CO-06), Sara Jacobs (CA-51), Dean Phillips (MN-03), Dina Titus (NV-01), Susan Wild (PA-07), Bill Keating (MA-09), and Gerry Connolly (VA-11) released the following statement urging the Biden Administration to halt the transfer of military financing to Egypt following news of potential foreign influence by the Egyptian government and ongoing concerns of human rights violations in Egypt:

“As Members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, we are deeply concerned with the state of the U.S. relationship with the Arab Republic of Egypt and the security assistance we provide each year, especially in light of recent events.

“The United States is hours away from providing access to $235 million in foreign military financing, despite Egypt failing to meet the human rights conditions required by law and a potential foreign influence campaign against U.S. officials by the Egyptian Government.

“Now is not the time.

“Congress should not clear on this funding and we urge the Administration to take time to fully evaluate the U.S.-Egypt relationship to ensure it is rooted in issues of common concern and upholds American interests and values.”