May 05, 2023

Ahead of the End of Title 42, Castro and Casar Announce $38 Million in Expedited FEMA Funding for Migrant Response

SAN ANTONIO – Ahead of the expected end of Title 42 on May 11, Congressman Joaquin Castro (TX-20) and Congressman Greg Casar (TX-35) announced today that their offices have expedited more than $38 million in funding to meet the humanitarian needs of migrant families in San Antonio, including providing shelter and food.

The funding, which comes from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Emergency Food and Shelter Program, includes $31,955,232 for Catholic Charities of San Antonio, $4,692,492 for the City of San Antonio, and $1,584,931 for United Way of San Antonio.

“Over the last several years, San Antonio has been a model for the nation in the humane way we treat migrants. As we prepare for the end of Title 42, Congressman Casar and I have worked closely with the Biden administration to emphasize the need for additional resources to support San Antonio’s migrant response. This new funding will help Catholic Charities, the City of San Antonio, and United Way provide comprehensive services that help migrants connect with their loved ones and look towards a better future,” said Congressman Castro.

“Our current immigration system is completely broken, and we can’t just continue with the status quo,” said Congressman Casar. “Immigrants make our nation better, our state better, and our communities better, and I’m proud to have worked with Congressman Castro to expedite this funding from the Biden Administration for our community, ahead of the end of Title 42. For years, our community has welcomed migrants and assisted asylum seekers as they build their futures and locate their families. San Antonio will continue to lead on compassionate, kind, and thoughtful immigration policies.”

In April 2023, more than 12,000 migrants passed through San Antonio’s Migrant Resource Center, which is operated by Catholic Charities in partnership with the City of San Antonio. The center is expecting an increase in need following the end of Title 42.